About me


I’m an award-winning writer of historical and fantasy fiction for children and young adults. Writing has always been a passion of mine, although when I was young I never thought that I could be a published author. I think I believed that all published writers were either dead or English, probably because, although I was born in Canada, I lived in Argentina until I went back for university. It was only after I was married and had children of my own that I got the idea of trying to get my stories published.

I followed the writer’s usual path of rejection slips until I started selling short stories to magazines and school anthologies. It still took another six years until I finally published my first book. I’ve been writing ever since. You can check out my work at www.karleenbradford.com

Obviously bitten by the wanderlust bug in my youth, I have never stopped travelling, either. After settling back down in Canada for four years of university, I married a geography student who morphed into a Foreign Service Officer with the Canadian Government and we spent the next 34 years travelling the world. Grist for the writing mill. My husband is retired now, but we can’t shake the travelling habit. Italy is a favourite destination. That’s Florence in the background above, and the Amalfi Coast in the header of my Home Page.

During a school visit a young boy once asked me, “How many books are you going to write before you die?”

It’s 24 and counting.

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