Dear Canada Books Abroad

Summer 2014 033 (640x480)I’m posting, with permission of course, a letter that I received last summer. It is always gratifying to know that our Dear Canada books are being read and enjoyed in countries other than our own.

Here it is:

My name is Regina. I’m a Mexican living in Mexico City. I just finished reading “A Country of Our Own”. I’ve been in love with Canada since I first went to Vancouver in 2012. Since then, I’ve been trying to learn more and more about it: Its culture, sports, arts (All my favourite bands are Canadian), politics, history… ¡Everything! Canada is truly an amazing country.

I’m a journalist, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than listening to the stories of people who witnessed turning points in history. For example, I love to ask people who are older than me about the day an 8.1 earthquake hit Mexico City and what were they doing at that time.

That’s why the Dear Canada series is so appealing to me. I get to learn about Canadian history through some fiction that resembles the stories of the people who lived around that time. This is the second book of the series I’ve read and I’m really excited to start the next one.

I particularly enjoyed this one ’cause I have had a hard time understanding the Confederation, but the historical note and Rosie made everything clearer. I’m so happy I got to finish it so close to Canada day! Reading about the first celebrations is making me consider going to Ottawa for Canada day sometime.

Finally, I need to confess something. I dropped reading the book for some weeks ’cause I went to Toronto a couple weeks ago and it was breaking my heart to read about a nice city I wouldn’t get the chance to visit. Next time I’m planning on going to Canada, I’ll go to Ottawa -and Quebec City!

Anyway, thanks a lot for writing such an amazing book!

Sending you a hug all the way from Mexico City,


–Regina Sienra

Revista Gatopardo

Guía del Centro Histórico


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